Milou Krietemeijer-Dirks

My name is Milou Krietemeijer-Dirks and I live in the Netherlands. After a medical career I switched to photography and I am a self-taught photographer. I am married and a mother of two beautiful children adopted from China. Photography is an exploration for me and I love to express myself through photography. I focus on doing photoshoots with children and adolescents and I enjoy capturing their innocence, serenity, pureness and emotions. In my home studio I love to play with light, shadows, darkness and atmosphere, just like the old Dutch master painters. Lately I prefer to do meaningful fine art photography with my daughter (and sometimes with other young models ) with natural light on beautiful locations. This is a new process and mostly shot over the past last year. It helps me channel my own feelings and emotions and experiences in my life as well. My work was published by Vogue Italia, Vogue Art &Commerce, Adobe Premium Stock, Huawei, Natuzzi, Zoomnl, Iconicartistmagazine, Lensculture, New Dutch Photography Talent 2017, Fotonale Brugge, ARTBO, Bored Panda, Through a Mothers Eyes Photography, SHUTR, Creative Image, SFMoMa, National Geographic Your Shot etc. Artist Statement: My artworks in Ajtner Fine Art Gallery are part of an ongoing series I am making with my sweet and beautiful daughter adopted from China. We have lots of unanswered questions about her (Chinese) background and unknown birthparents. The most important theme for her is the search for identity, accompanied by feelings of insecurity, loss, loneliness, doubt, bonding, attachment, intimacy, blending-in and love. We search for those landscapes that express and represent her search in the most explicit way. Sometimes confronting but also comforting. Most photos were taking while traveling abroad. We both love nature and spectacular landscapes and views. The photo-sessions with my daughter mean a lot to me. It gives us a new dimension of bonding together. It is very special to have the opportunity to create art together. My daughter is full of ideas and inspiration herself, so we both add our ideas to the sessions. It is my wish to continue photograph her and follow her in time into (young) adulthood. The works are connected using the colors white, blue, brown and red from soil and sky.

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