Anna Ajtner

Editor: Jock Sturges

Book with 20 + original 
photographs (pigment prints)


Limited to 300 signed 
and numbered copies.


carefully printed and bound 
by hand, finally signed and 
numbered by the artist.

For this reason we only stock 
some copies. Please respect 
some waiting time.


"...One of the things that draws me to a new artist is evidence of something I think of as creative frenzy. An artist thus engaged resembles nothing quite so much as a pot vigorously boiling over. When this is evident over a long time-span it becomes clear that the work owns the artist as opposed to the artist being in control. In the worst of cases this phenomenon can be exhausting and pernicious, but, in the best, transcendent and joyful. What’s most important though is that in such cases the sheer volume of the work so practices the hand and the eye and heart behind, that the work inevitably becomes more and more refined. This elevates the effort to a rare degree.

Anna is such a one – joyful and passionate. I’ve been aware of her work for several years now and I realised early on that her photography owned her completely. She produces new images in volume almost every single day and often posts them only lightly edited. Thus the structure of her shoots and the thought processes behind them and the models’ evolving participation in each of them are there to see – interesting reading in every case.

Anna was educated in the State High School of Fine Arts in Bydgoszcz, Poland with an emphasis on curatorial sciences. She went on to receive a masters degree in painting at the Fine Arts Faculty of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. She has since pursued a career organising and curating art exhibits (including her own) and teaching art and photography to all ages of children.

Importantly, three years after the birth of her second child, the family moved to a very rural area in central western Poland. This pastoral context was perfect for raising children and for photographing them as well. It is thus no surprise that in a

number of her pictures we see her daughter appearing to have sunk into and almost become part of the earth. Her beauty and the natural world that surrounds and supports her

resonate with an other-worldly harmony.

Annaʼs images are intimate, playful, passionate and relentlessly beautiful – as fine a collaboration as I have seen in some time.

I have every suspicion that this small book is just the first in a continuing series. Here the story begins but there is so much more to come."

Jock Sturges Antwerpen, 2014


the new book series of edition GALERIE VEVAIS

Chief Editor and special advisor for VEVAIS-WERKDRUCK (photography) is the renowned photographer Jock Sturges.

Project editors include acclaimed poet and photo historian, Prof. John Wood, poet and photography critic, Steven Brown, and Alexander Scholz.

VEVAIS-WERKDRUCK books consist of twenty images which highlight astonishing work from both new and renowned painters, photographers, and graphic designers. Each hardcover book (approx. 30 x 43 cm) is bound by hand with Japanese binding, signed and numbered by the artist, and published in an edition of 300 copies.

Because of the sophisticated printing methods involved, each print is unique, an original. Scholz uses the world's best reproduction/photographic printing techniques. Digital files undergo traditional darkroom chemistries and develop on paper with red, green, and blue light (C-Prints). Some will be printed as pigment print or as UV print. Black and White pictures will be also presented on Baryta paper. Before binding, in some books the prints are mounted fully on special boards. For pigment prints, Scholz works with Hahnemühle paper and for UV-prints (digital screen printing), Scheufelen paper. Some books will be printed with a special digital color technology on Munken, a Swedish paper.

Scholz works with the printers Ralf Lenk / Scancolor and Max van Pham / Fine Art Factory—dedicated artisans who always find innovate ways to produce perfect pictures. Given the unparalleled production and specialization involved, Edition GALERIE VEVAIS guarantees the quality of these prints for up to 100 years.


For collectors of this stunning series WERKDRUCK, edition GALERIE VEVAIS offers an exclusive display of acrylic glass which doubles as a minimalistic sculpture for private living rooms, galleries, and libraries. The basic model for this acrylic stand holds four VEVAIS-Werdruck books. But for those who need more space, the basic model can be extended in two ways. By standing the sculpture in one line or by facing the corners inward, you can add four more books to your collection for a total of eight. The second model can be extended to a more dimensional sculpture of unlimited capacity.



WERKDRUCK No. 43 - Anna Ajtner

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